Actual results

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Shuanghua Sports Hall, Hsinchu City
Hsinchu County Takeshi Elementary School
Yuet Wah Hotel, Longtan District, Taoyuan City
Taoyuan City, Longhua District, Daxi District
Taipei Institute of Commerce and Technology
Weiguang Automation Technology Co., Ltd
Science Park (Shuangyuan Road)
Taoyuan International Fitness Center
New Building Project in Guishan District of Taoyuan City
Hsinchu City, Tsinghua University Extension Project
Linkou A7 suitable housing project
North Zhongshan collection
Seven block Dahua section of the new project
Tamagawa University Songtao Hall
Taitung Railway Exhibition Hall
Kansai Baoshan rest station
Administrative Building, Linkou District, New Taipei City
New North City, Fu Jen Catholic University
Linkou Sanqing Department Store
New North City Hall Fire Department Second Disaster Rescue Brigade Cultural Unit
Fengshan District of Fengshan District No. 132 to build the case
Kaohsiung City, a collection of residential buildings
Fengshan District, Feng - chiu, No. 21 to build the case
Construction of Wujia Residential Building in
The Case of Housing Construction in Beijin Section of Qianjin District, Kaohsiung City
Construction of No. 342 Fushan Section, Kaohsiung City
Construction of 324 Fushan Section, Kaohsiung City
Tainan Dashan section of 388-389 to build the case
Tainan new urban community within the paragraph 202-11 to build the case
Construction of No. 951 Land of Successful Section in Okayama District, Kaohsiung City
University of South China students and staff quarters
Underground Food Street, Breeze Plaza, Taipei
Soho Building, Soochow University
Teacher 's Dormitory of Yangming University
EVA Air Second Training Building
Na Luwan Hotel, Taitung
Science and Technology
A Case Study of Mengqing Section of Nongsong District, Kaohsiung City
Beitou Beitou Rongrong New Building