Product characteristic
  1 Good heat insulation, temperature keeping and moisture prevention The inner foaming layer heat insulation material and stainless steel pipe are formed in one body, therefore, the adhesion is high, no condensation issue, and the temperature keeping and moisture prevention results are quite good. Therefore, it is a choice of energy and cost saving.

2 Good weather resistance Its outer PE material has good physical and chemical characteristics, therefore, it has high weather resistance and acid and base resistance characteristics, when it is used in electric insulation purpose, the result is quite good, meanwhile, it has high voltage resistance too.

3 Good corrosion resistance Stainless steel foam-coated pipe can prevent concrete from aging and protect the building to prevent the wall cancer. Meanwhile, at the contact part between rebar and cement, the potential difference will not cause the corrosion of the stainless steel pipe, therefore, its lifetime can be extended.

4 Easy for processing The coated material is easy to cut and strip and process, therefore, the on-site processing is convenient, time and labor saving.

5 Vibration-damping and noise prevention Middle foaming material layer and outer PE (polyethylene resin) have functions of vibration isolation and deletion of the flowing noise coming from the fluid flowed in the pipe, meanwhile, it can also reduce the swelling and contraction of pipelines due to high and low temperature because such swelling and contraction might damage the building.

6 Good looking The skin and outer layer were made of PE resin of different colors, the color is lustrous, therefore, when it is used in outer environment, color can be used for distinguishing purpose in different construction condition.

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